YUm. Granola

Call us crazy but we believe that delicious can be healthy. What??? People often ask how or why we started YUM and truth of the matter is, well, you always need a little fire to start something, right? We got a bit grumpy seeing the only options on the shelves being either tasty and ridiculously unhealthy, or, ridiculously healthy and tasting of cardboard. Thus, YUM was born. Delicious, healthy sustenance.

To be honest, at the beginning, it was an entirely selfish endeavour. We just wanted something to sustain our own adventurous lifestyle that tasted good and felt good. Something that didn't have sugar ups and downs, and got us to lunchtime! Brainstorming began and before we knew it, we created something we couldn't get enough of. Then, sharing it with our friends, more and more people kept asking for YUM, so we decided we could not ignore, or deny them, this right to have more deliciousness in their lives. 

Even now, YUM is still a bit of a baby, being just over 2 years old. We make it all by hand, in small batches, with a whole lotta love, right here Nelson, New Zealand. We knew the only option that resonated with us from the beginning, was to use the best ingredients, which to us, means organic as it maximizes flavour and nutrients, while minimizing environmental impact. We also source them as close to us as possible. Our hazelnuts come from an amazing nut farm just over the hill in Blenheim, our honey comes from Nelson Honey, and their local bees, our coconut oil, while there are no coconuts in New Zealand, comes from a super thoughtful Christchurch company who look after their farmers and provide real trade prices as well as traceability for every batch. 

We love how happy YUM makes people..and how excited it makes them for breakfast. And, what we can say, after making A LOT of granola, we still love it. I mean, we REALLY love it. We are proud of what it is and what it has become as well as having excited anticipation of what it will be in the future. Ultimately, it makes us real proud, knowing we are providing sustenance..delicious sustenance to fuel mornings and adventures.