our roots

It’s a short story really… My name is Sarah, part of the dynamic duo that is YUM. And, a granola girl at heart. I've always had a fascination with granola. Maybe it can be traced to my California roots, or, the fact my parents did a good job raising my brother and I on home-cooked goodness, and a taste for real, whole foods. Regardless, it was their cooking that sparked a fascination of the goodness that could be created in the kitchen. As soon as I could read, I became intrigued with reading cookbooks cover to cover, as well as nutrition labels, and making the connection between what I ate and how it made me feel. This is a fascinating connection! 

The idea of YUM came about while I was working at a lodge in Wanaka, inspired to come up with a cereal that I loved, because I couldn’t find one on the market that moved me. I love being moved by food, especially when it is good for my body. I am also one of those people who get tummy aches from most things wheat/gluten, so wanted a solution that had only the good stuff, to fuel my brain and body, minus tummy pains, which meant no grains. Thus, YUM was born.

The other half of the dynamic duo is Mike. I am real fortunate as he wears an equal number of hats on Team YUM, while being a fine balance to my chaos. I am a brilliant starter and he is an amazing finisher. I get distracted and he has focus. I struggle to follow my own recipes, and the scientist in him follows them to a T. I complicate, he simplifies. He complicates, and I simplify. I have learned a lot having him on my team, and feel ridiculously lucky to be on this journey with him. Mike has eaten more YUM than ANYONE. As such, he is the qualified taste tester, which is a very important job! What most don't know is, while I may be the chef, he is the baker. I actually think he makes the best granola. Most importantly and a bit philosophically, we love YUM. Life is made up of choices and we have chosen a life full of YUM goodness. It makes us happy because it makes others happy, and this is a damn good thing.