August 9, 2021

Earth friendly packaging

Earth friendly packaging

We have been waiting for this for years. Literally years. We have wanted to find a sustainable, packaging solution since all of NZ learned that the recycling we thought was being recycled was actually being sent off shore or to the tip, leaving us all a lot more accountable for finding a solution.  

Like a lot of consumers, we were optimistic that our soft plastics were still being recycled. Then we learned they weren’t. The thought of something we were so incredibly proud to produce, ending up in the landfill weighed heavily. As a food producer we felt more responsible to come up with a solution and and immediately began researching other options. The problem was that similar type packaging made without plastic, was not affordable to say the least. We are talking a difference from $.40/unit to $1.80/unit. This is not something we could absorb and definitely not an option we could (or would want to) pass on to the consumer. So we continued our research and planning and more research and planning. In the meantime, all the other brands in our category continued on their ‘soft plastic’ solutions, claiming that their packaging is recyclable which we all now is not a long-term solution. Just because something is recyclable, doesn’t mean that it will be recycled. The percentage of packaging recycled in New Zealand is under 8% and soft plastics is less that 1%. Is that a solution? Is that really looking after our planet? No. Definitely not for us.

At last, it has all come together and on 1st August we launched one of the country’s first, plant based, compostable packaging solutions in our category. A snazzy new box, made in Greymouth from unbleached FSC certified card and printed with non toxic inks, and nestled inside is a NZ made home compostable plant based bag that keeps our granola fresh. It is at a price that works (for us and for you), making it something we have decided to act on..Now!  

We have now moved our highest selling breakys and our latest products into this new innovative packaging, This means 87% of all Yum sold is in earth friendly packaging, with the plans to remove the remaining by the end of the year. Even though we are a smaller company, this change will prevent over 1 tonne of plastic packaging that we are responsible for, heading to the dump every year.  

With the launch of the new packaging, we decided to freshen Yum up with a rebrand. Fresh colours and a package that tells our story more. There is more story on the packages, who we are, why we make it, and what gets us out of bed each morning. We also decided to use this time to launch our popular Mighty Fig flavour into retail packaging as it was only available online before in 1kg bags.

Last but not least, we have come up with an exciting new product for this new round of packaging as well and one that took us about 2 years to get the recipe right..Our Yum Vanilla Bean + Almond Pancake/Waffle Mix. Protein-packed and fluffy-as, they are high in protein, low in carbs, with zero (yes zero!) added sugar. It hasn’t been an easy recipe to get right but we got it there. And, we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you, our Yum Whanau.

Thank you for your support on this journey. We are all doing what we can to do better and look after our planet. Thanks for enabling us to do so.