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Want to serve your customers some truly delicious brekkie that can cater to a whole range of dietary needs? Then you’re in the right place!

All Yum products can be catered to most dietary requirements including gluten free, grain-free, low carb and vegan. We use premium, organic ingredients to craft nutritious and tasty brekkies with a unique macronutrient profile that fuels our customer adventures for longer!

We offer bulk solutions for all food service needs. Depending on your needs we can supply in 1 kg compostable bags, 4 kg foil bags and even in 8 kg pails if you are motoring through.


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Single Serves

We are stoked to offer the Original and Mighty Fig in 50g single serve compostable packs. A perfect solution for accommodation mini bars, or as a grab and go snacks. (please enquire about these directly at