January 31, 2024

The story behind a VERY special granola-- Hawea Honeycomb Granola

The story behind a VERY special granola-- Hawea Honeycomb Granola

We are so incredibly proud to introduce this collaboration between Yum and Lake Hawea Station for an extra special Limited Edition-- Hawea Honeycomb Granola.

What is so special about this granola you may be asking? Well, let me tell you! We'll start off with the incredible, caramelized nutty clusters highlight Lake Hawea Station's artisinal honey and bee pollen, Otago-grown oats, Nelson gala apples, and a touch of Marlborough sea salt for the perfect balance of flavors.

Sustainably crafted, which for us meant using only NZ grown ingredients which is no easy feat! It also resulted in the most expensive granola we've ever made, but that's part of the fun in a project like this and crafting a product to support local farmers and producers. 

A little backstory on this special granola-- Lake Hawea is a very special place in our hearts as this is also where Yum was first created (it's also where we began as a couple but that's another story!).

It was literally on the shores of Lake Hawea in the local community center kitchen where we made our first batches of Yum, while we both had other jobs and were selling it at the local market. Mike has carried on the memories of Lake Hawea with his illustration of Corner Peak on our Yum packaging, and on the packaging for this Limited Edition as well.

We had been following the story of the new owners of Lake Hawea Station as they immediately became leaders in their mission to create a truly regenerative property on every level. We love watching these types of people instigate positive change in this world, especially when it is for the planet's health. So when we received a message from them asking if we would be interested in doing a collaborative project with them, we were beyond excited. 

Yum chef Sarah began brainstorming with Lake Hawea Station's chef Hana, and this extraordinary granola was created. We believe in provenance and this granola is just that. What does that mean? To us it means this granola should taste like New Zealand because all of its ingredients are from here. We carefully selected every ingredient and know not only where it came from, but who grew it (or produced it). This makes an incredibly special connection, and reflection, of the finished product and the beautiful ingredients that came from Aotearoa. 

What provenance, or a provencial granola from Aotearoa looks like:
Otago grown oats, Canterbury grown buckwheat, Lake Hawea bush honey, sunflower oil from sunflowers grown in Canterbury, walnuts from a cooperative in Christchurch, hazelnuts grown by Grace in Nelson, dried gala apples grown by the Clark family in Upper Moutere, puffed quinoa from Dan at Kiwi Quinoa, hemp hearts from the good folks at Hemp Connect in Levin, ground linseed from Geraldine, apple powder produced by Fresh As and grown in Hawkes Bay, Lake Hawea bee pollen, and Marlborough sea salt.

To top it all off, even the certified home compostable packaging is made here in Aotearoa!

This granola is no doubt a special treat and we are beyond excited to share it with you. Enjoy!!