May 30, 2022

Introducing Maple Oat Crunch with Tahini Granola Test Batch

Introducing Maple Oat Crunch with Tahini Granola Test Batch

Why oats you may be asking!  This one has been in the making for years really…

I was recently invited to speak at the annual EatNZ + Grains NZ annual Hui in Christchurch. I had signed up to attend and they came back asking me to speak, which was an incredible honour as the mission of EatNZ is to connect people to our land through our food, which is one of our dreams with Yum…connecting people to the beautiful ingredients grown here in New Zealand.

This is what makes food so is the terroir or the provenance. In all of our authenticity and transparency, is believing Yum should taste like New Zealand because that is not only where it is made but the ingredients that reflect the farmers that reflect the land, that we use the most.

So, we start with the humble oat! We have been asked for years to make an oat granola and have had so many of you tell us of your creations of adding oats to Yum. We had been limited because our kitchen has been certified gluten free however our recent move gives us access to another kitchen facility, which enables us to introduce…NZ grown grains!

I had this flavor combo suggested and have been in love with tahini combinations lately. It can be so tart as a savoury ingredient, however used as a sweet ingredient, it adds an incredibly dynamic, smooth, nutty flavor..if you have a fresh tahini! Bring in our good friends who make Forty Thieves nut butters and one of the smoothest tahinis we’ve ever tasted.

The other two special ingredients in this granola is one of my all-time favorite ingredients— dark maple syrup! The Whole Harry crew in Christchurch recently started importing a beautiful organic, dark, maple syrup from Battleboro, Vermont, which is one of the most beautiful places I’ve been. Good, dark maple syrup can taste of so many things…rich, warm, vanilla notes makes it a perfect addition for this flavor. The last ingredient that rounds out the perfect flavor combo of this granola is organic cinnamon. It is warming and brings all the flavors together perfectly.

The result are incredible, flavorful, addicting clusters. Like clusters you cannot stop eating out of the bag. They are that good! They also happen to be nutrient dense, low in sugars, high in good fibres, with healthy fats and protein.

With that, we have made 300 bags to offer you, our closest Yum community, to taste test for us and tell us what you think.  Link is here for a quick form that will take you 2mins tops. We’d love your feedback and you’ll go in to win your own bag of this oat goodness. Oat Tahini Maple Granola Feedback

Ingredients: NZ grown oats, coconut*, almonds, sunflower seeds*, pumpkin seeds*, coconut nectar, Vermont maple syrup* imported by Whole Harry, cinnamon*, Marlborough sea salt and the surprising, yet beautifully balancing addition of Forty Thieves divinely smooth tahini

*Organic ingredients

**Contains gluten

Thank You!!