Welcome to our YUM granola honesty box! What is this you ask? We are pretty excited to reduce our footprint whilst providing a unique service for Nelson locals that reduces the amount of packaging in the world. We save on packaging and pass the savings on to you, making a package-free solution, and a more affordable option too! Cost is $25 per kg, saving you $8 per kg to go plastic free!

So bring along your own container (that will fit 1kg or more), and pick it up the next day filled with the freshest batch of YUM. YES!!

Key Information

You can find the Yum honesty box HERE


ORDER - Write your name, order, and contact no./email on a paper slip and place inside your container

PAY - Send payment through via bank transfer to:

Yum Inc Ltd, 38-9016-0174049-00

FULFILLMENT - We will fill containers by 12 pm the following work day and text or email you to let you know it is ready

PICK UP - and enjoy your fresh, packaging-free, Yum!!!!

Please do not leave cash and ensure your container is clean :)